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With your support we can continue to raise essential funds to help the children and needy families of Gomel in Belarus, following the catastrophic nuclear explosion in Chernobyl. After a visit in November 2015 members of the Lions Belarus Trust reported that our support is still very much required. They travelled to Gomel to visit existing project sites and agreed to raise funds for 150 beds and other items of furniture for the Babichi Orphanage.

We are calling for donations to cover the cost of new furniture as the orphanage receives no government funding to furnish the children’s living quarters and there is no contribution available from families of the orphans. As a result, the furniture in these quarters is falling apart. For most of the beds, makeshift repairs made over the years are no longer adequate, and they are in the final days of their use. The beds desperately need replacing as soon as possible.

Outside of the orphanage, due to economic decline and domestic inflation the standard of living in Belarus has fallen, with the average wage now below US$200 per month. The long-term effects of the Chernobyl catastrophe still have huge implications and there are many disabled and orphaned children in need. We are proud to support the Lions Belarus Trust and its projects - with the following successfully completed:-

The Regional Hospital Children’s Department - We helped to raise £6,250 for a new playground. The unit houses up to 50 youngsters at a time and on average each child stays for two weeks. It is vital for the children to get fresh air and exercise to aid their recovery and the playground provides the ideal outside space.

Kindergarten 99 – The Trust has supported the Kindergarten for children with learning difficulties for many years. It is doing very well and making excellent use of the help given so far. We helped raise £750 for a new industrial-strength washing machine.

Special Education Centre and Orphanage - £2,100 was badly needed to help cover the cost of some play facilities. Staff here act as the central recorders and co-ordinators for all children at risk in the Gomel region, and do a fantastic job. They themselves house up to 25 children who have been removed from their homes for their own protection, for up to six months at a time, before they are returned to their homes, or fostered.

Ulukovje Orphanage – They urgently required £2,500 for renovation of toilet facilities. This orphanage houses up to 200 orphans between the ages of 6 and 18. The toilet area was in need of complete renovation and installation of new wash basins and toilet fixtures.

Please give something today so that we can provide children at the Babachi Orphanage with new beds.

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