Providing Support as Swiftly as Possible

Lions International Disaster FundProviding Support as Swiftly as Possible

The Lions International Disaster Fund has been established so that Lions can act quickly when a major disaster occurs. Funds raised will be used to help us provide the right kind of support to those in need, whether there has been a flood, hurricane, fire or other major disaster. Over the years we have assisted with many international disasters, providing assistance as swiftly as possible.
We have great experience providing humanitarian support, having helped those in Haiti following the devastating 2010 earthquake and also those in the Philippines following Typhoon Haiyan which was one of the strongest tropical cyclones ever recorded.
It is vital that we grow these funds so that immediate action can be taken when a significant national or international disaster occurs. Lions can deliver support so long as the essential funds are in place. For example, Lions were able to supply aid in the form of water purification systems to those requiring clean water in the Philippines.
Through our experience we understand how essential it is that funds are readily available when a disaster happens so that we can take immediate action, rather than having to delay relief efforts while fundraising takes place. 




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