Help Combat Blindness

Give the Gift of Sight Help Combat Blindness

There are around 24 million people living in the developing world today who can be cured or treated for their blindness. Yet, many do not even know treatment is possible, or are unable to access it.

Lions Sightsavers Trust are partnering with the international development charity Sightsavers to change this for people in the developing countries where they work. They raise awareness of eye health, establish referral networks, train eye staff, and convince the governments to do more for their people.

Lions Clubs have been supporting Sightsavers A Million Miracles Appeal since 2014. We hope you can help us now in our final push to raise enough to fund one million surgeries by 2018. The UK government is doubling any donation we receive before 9th January 2018 to support our work in Bangladesh and Pakistan.
Your donation will go towards projects where cataract operations are a major activity. Providing cataract surgery costs just £30 on average for an adult or £50 for a child. We hope you can help us bring the gift of sight to many more adults and children. Thank you.


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