Appeal for Blankets & Tents

Child RefugeesAppeal for Blankets & Tents

This winter we are appealing for donations to help us cover the cost of UNICEF blankets and tents, providing child friendly spaces, for refugee children so that they are able to sleep with some comfort. Each Therman blanket costs just £5 and a tent costs £1,063 - so every donation helps!

Many refugee children are living in makeshift shelters without adequate clothing or protection from the ever changing weather, leaving them at risk of some deadly diseases. Thousands of displaced families have been forced to flee from their homes with just the clothes on their backs so they don't have the protection to withstand harsh conditions.

The UNICEF tents provide a place for these children to begin the process of recovering from the loss of loved ones and the total upheaval in their lives. As a safe place, they also help reduce the risks of trafficking, exploitation and other harm. These spaces are versatile and can be converted to temporary schools and even medical centres to provide children with education and healthcare.

Your donation can help us keep children safe.


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