Lions Clubs are working together with Unicef to provide life-saving nutrition and cholera interventions, but we need funding and donations to make a real difference! Just £32 could provide 500 sachets of Oral Rehydration Salts to save 100 children from dehydration caused by cholera. £250 could provide 10 children with a month's supply of high-energy peanut paste. £550 could provide 100 severely malnourished children with a month’s supply of therapeutic milk.

In Yemen alone, a staggering 460,000 children are in need of urgent life-saving food, and at least one child dies every ten minutes because of malnutrition, cholera and respiratory tract infections.

Unicef is already on the ground, delivering life-saving aid – but resources are running out. We must act now to protect millions of children in Yemen from the dangers of hunger and disease.

This cholera outbreak is unprecedented in scale. More than 500,000 cases have been confirmed in a matter of months, and the health system is near collapse.

Cholera is a form of acute diarrhoea that, if left untreated, can lead to death within hours. This highly infectious disease spreads and kills with devastating speed. In places where drinking water is unprotected from fecal contamination, cholera can affect entire populations in a matter of hours.

However, with prompt and appropriate treatment children’s lives can be saved. We can stop the spread of this deadly disease by providing safe water, adequate sanitation and rehydration treatments, and by detecting the disease early on.

We urgently need supplies, such as oral rehydration sachets and life-saving food, to support the growing number of children affected by cholera and malnutrition. We have prevented the spread of cholera in the past and we are ready to prevent it again. With Lions Club support we could bring these children back to health.


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