help city children stay healthy and happy

Healthy Schools Londonhelp city children stay healthy and happy

We need to raise funds for the Healthy Schools London programme which was launched in May 2013 through the initiative of the Mayor of London. It sets out to help city children stay healthy and happy as they grow up.

The programme encourages schools to teach children about the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle – to make healthy food choices at lunchtime, to be active at and on the way to school. The funds we raise ensure the right resources are available to participating schools.

Healthy Schools London recognises and celebrates schools that are making a real difference for their pupils. By working together with our colleagues in London’s boroughs, Lions across the South East are helping to deliver a programme that schools are proud to be part of.

The Healthy Schools London programme operates in three areas:- diet, exercise and Personal, Social and Health education (PSHE). We support the programme in the area of PSHE. London schools are invited to engage with the programme and then seek to achieve relevant awards for their efforts at Bronze, Silver and Gold standard.

Funds are required so that we can help to cover the cost of resources that enable schools to work towards achieving the various levels of the awards. Our ultimate objectives are to assist the entry level schools so that they can gain the Bronze standard and to provide specific resources to help schools engage with the Silver and Gold standards.

With your help schools can teach children about their health, and develop their motivation and self-respect to make healthy choices. Participating schools have reported reduced incidence of bullying, improved behaviour and improved attendance. Any surplus funds raised through this campaign will go to another Lions project for young people, ensuring your donation is put to good use.

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