Head Scanner Appeal

Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air AmbulanceHead Scanner Appeal

Support Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance Trust (KSSAA) by donating funds to cover the cost of cutting edge technology that could help many people who suffer from traumatic brain injury (TBI). Lions have pledged to raise £36,000 to develop a state of the art head scanner and when this has been raised we will continue to collect funds to help cover the cost of these essential scanners in the future.

TBI accounts for around 1.4 million attendances to the accident and emergency department every year. It is one of the leading causes of death and disability and a major complication of TBI is bleeding in the brain, a time critical condition. Currently, helicopter emergency medical services cannot reliably identify patients who are bleeding in their head.

However, reliable technology is becoming available to allow paramedics and doctors to safely scan a patients head at the roadside to determine whether there is a life threatening injury to the brain. This technology will have a significant impact on patient care.

A spokesperson for the KSSAA said: “Knowing whether a patient has a bleed in their head can help us develop new treatments and techniques to reduce the significant damage caused by TBI in the early stages of their injury and ensure we transport these patients to the most appropriate hospital.”

KSSAA have been working with Medfield Diagnostics, a medical device company based in Sweden. Medfield have developed the MD100, a portable head scanner that uses small doses of microwaves that can measure whether or not a patient is bleeding in their head.

Lions have pledged to cover the cost of the MD100. Later this year it will be tested on 500 A & E patients at King’s College Hospital and St George’s Hospital London. The MD100 technology is unique in that it evolves with every patient it scans, learning how to measure and better detect dangerous bleeds in the head. It is still in the early phases of development and KSSAA have seen an opportunity to put themselves at the forefront of improving patient care with this technology.

By giving something today you will truly be making a difference – without public support, the air ambulance simply could not continue giving life-saving care, 24 hours a day. Any surplus funds raised through this campaign will go towards the next Lions project for the Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance Trust.



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