Making a difference at home

Lions Community Disaster FundMaking a difference at home

The Lions Community Disaster Fund has been established so that Lions can act quickly when disasters occur within England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Funds raised will be used to help us provide the right kind of support to those in need. Over the years we have assisted with many community disasters and we are currently raising funds to support those affected by the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

We need your help to build this diaster fund up so that we can respond to a crisis immediately, rather than having to appeal for funds for many weeks or even months after a tragedy. With instant funds available we are able to provide aid or support of some kind to those in disaster areas. Needs in times of disaster vary considerably and can alter quickly depending on changeable situations, therefore we aim to provide the most timely and relevant support.

With the help of the general public, Lions club members we have assisted with various community disasters, making a real difference to victims in the short and long-term. Community disasters could include fires, major flooding, a hurricane or major explosion.

A disaster can impact on a community for many years following the event so it is important we provide immediate support but also find ways to assist in the longer term.



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