Give children a helping hand

MedicAlertGive children a helping hand

MedicAlert’s Early Start Programme provides crucial protection to children who have a medical condition or allergy that needs to be identified in an emergency. Their MedicAlert jewellery helps avoid any risk of misdiagnosis and ensures fast treatment... because every moment matters. Your donations allow Medic Alert to deliver their vital services to those who need it because the charity receives no Government or NHS Funding.

In 2014 we celebrated 50 years of service since the Lions introduced MedicAlert into the United Kingdom and Ireland way back in 1964. MedicAlert is a registered charity providing lifesaving identification systems to people with hidden medical conditions and allergies.

Children listed on the programme are provided with I.D. jewellery which is engraved with their medical details. The MedicAlert disc alerts emergency services to the child’s illness or allergies and how to obtain further information, which can be accessed from their record.

This membership record is held free of charge for the child until they reach their 10th birthday. This ensures a child’s medical information is stored on a secure database which can be accessed 24/7 by any healthcare professional treating them in an emergency.

We need your support as this programme can only be open to new child members when funds are available. £295 pays for a child for 10 years so please give what you can.

To discover more about the MedicAlert Early Start Programme click here.

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