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Progress At Lions International Eye CentreKorle Bu

The Korle Bu Department of Ophthalmology has now moved most of its activities into the Lions International Eye Centre, and a recent visit by personnel from Moorfields has confirmed that already there is a significant improvement in volume and quality of sight services offered.

However, we are now around £17,000 short of our goal to complete our funding commitment. With your help, we can accomplish the first phase of this wonderful project – to provide the building and equipment in which to create a centre of excellence in the provision of eye care services and ophthalmological surgical training. Once we have done this, we can start the training in earnest, and bring real relief to those suffering from potentially blinding conditions across the whole of the West Africa region.

Already, up to 200 patients per day are being seen in the new unit, and many more will be treated once the facility is fully operational. As always with a building of this size and complexity, there is a “snagging schedule” to bring all areas up to full standard, and work on this schedule is progressing well. We cannot start the ophthalmological specialist surgical training courses until the operating theatres are fully functional. From then on, we will run regular courses in various sub-specialities, building up to the training of 32 ophthalmologists per year.

West Africa has a high incidence of eye disease: but, whilst in UK we have one ophthalmologist for 40,000 people, in Ghana there is one ophthalmologist for around one million people. So the most important part of our project is to provide training for ophthalmologists from all over West Africa. This will vastly improve both the quality and the quantity of eye services throughout the region.

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