Roar 2017

ROAR 2017Nominate a school to be a part of this exciting initiative

Lions are busy promoting our Youth Programmes to schools using a more ‘youthful’ image. To do this we have teamed up with a young IT company 7billionideas, which has put together an innovative ideas competition for schools called ROAR 17. This competition was launched at our Lions Convention in Woking and together with the support of seven Lions Clubs and the Lions SE Foundation we have started to engage with 30 schools.

The first schools that we approached were in the areas of the supporting Clubs. This phase is concluding and we would now like to invite all Lions Clubs, whether or not they have contributed, to send a list of schools that they would like to see invited to join the competition.

If you would like to see how we are presenting Lions to schools and to learn more about the competition video clips may be viewed HERE.

Please email your list of schools to Lion David Skinner at and we will try to include them in the project.

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