One Million MiraclesSight-saving surgeries

Lions clubs across the UK and Ireland have been generously supporting the funding of Sight-saving surgeries in developing countries through the Lions Sightsavers Trust.Since late 2014, your donations have been towards Sightsavers’ ‘Million Miracles’ appeal, with the target of raising £30 million by 2018 to fund an incredible one million sight restoring miracles.

Lions from across the UK and Ireland have given generously over the life of this ambitious appeal, not least as it entered its home straight between October and December last year, when we had the additional benefit of every £1 donated being matched by the UK Government.

We are delighted to now announce that, with your support, Sightsavers have reached the appeal’s target of funding for one million sight-restoring miracles. During those last three months of the appeal, Lions clubs gave an amazing £82,300 in donations through the Trust, an amount which was then matched by the UK Government. This means that your donations during that time were worth an incredible £164,600 - enough to fund 5,846 sight-restoring surgeries.

Over the entire Million Miracles appeal, your generosity has made an even greater impact, with an incredible £303,800 donated through the Lions Sightsavers Trust since the appeal launched in October 2014. Along with the match-funding these donations have released, that totals a massive £543,600 - enough to fund 18,120 sight-restoring surgeries.

Thank you for this incredible support – the difference this makes in the lives of thousands of children and adults living with treatable blindness is immeasurable.


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